Artificial Turf Installation Edmonton

Artificial Turf Installation Edmonton

Maintaining a natural lawn is a year-round challenge for most people. But it’s not your fault! There are forces beyond your control that are sabotaging your lawn each day. 

Whether it’s lack of sunlight, chafer beetle, or simply the challenging growing climate, there’s one way to win the battle—artificial turf Edmonton.

At our Edmonton landscaping company we offer low-maintenance landscape solutions that offer you more of that precious quality time with loved ones to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Let our premium landscaping services boost your home’s value and overall aesthetic! 

Benefits Of Our Artificial Turf Services in Edmonton

Our artificial turf Edmonton services have been availed by residents interested in drought-tolerant landscaping that provides space and curb appeal for the entire family.

Here are some of the benefits it provides:

  • Water and maintenance-free 

Unlike sod or natural grasses, artificial turf needs maintenance to sustain its stunning green appearance. No regular mowing—simply lay the artificial turf in place and forget about it. 

Once the autumn leaves fall, just clean them off.

  • Eco-friendly 

Since our products need maintenance from electric or gas-run lawn equipment, artificial turf is more eco-friendly than natural grass. 

A basic sweeping with a broom will clear away any debris from the tip of the turf and have it look good in no time. 

  • Money-saving 

On top of the expense of monthly maintenance, including sod, fertilizers, and mowing, natural grass requires water—and a lot of it! 

Artificial turf does not need any of that, freeing you to use that chunk of your monthly budget elsewhere. 

  • Cost-efficient replacement 

When it is time to replace your turf, the process is less costly and simpler than replacing it with sod or grass seeds. 

If the artificial turf being replaced still has some life, it can be used for other uses in the landscape, like making weed-free garden paths or dog runs. 

Why You Should Choose Our Edmonton Artifical Turf Installation Services

Just a few benefits of choosing Landscaping Edmonton company for your artificial turf needs include:

  • Cost-Efficient Solutions

One of the main perks of our greenery solutions is they are cost-efficient, particularly from a long-term standpoint. You don’t need to consider maintenance costs after installing the product. 

  • Excellent-Absorption Capacity 

When you compare our materials with natural grass, you’d be shocked to know that our products have a great capacity to absorb oil, water, dirt, and other fluids much more effectively than natural grass.

Also, the products we carry have a much better drainage feature, making them simpler to maintain.

  • Soft Yet Durable

We utilize the latest technology to manufacture our artificial turf. The materials used are soft and well-textured, making them suitable for pets, kids, and adults.

On top of that, you can comfortably count on the massive durability of our products, adding an added dimension to their class. 

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Our Edmonton based landscapers  vision has always been to become the model of excellence and perfection in the green industry, with people working in a unified way and being dedicated to offering products of the highest quality.

If you’re ready to avail yourself of our Edmonton artificial turf services, contact us today to get a free estimate!